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BCAA believes that sports talented young men and women can be helped; they can be given other opportunities if someone would simply take the time to work with them, address their needs, strengthen their backgrounds and get them placed where they can have some hope, make some progress, and prosper.

BCAA believes that a good start is placement in a junior college in a program that will assist the young person with his/her academics and provide him/her the opportunity to play and be seen.

Everyone who knows, understands that education is the first step and that it won’t happen if a person is not enrolled in school.  But, before you can convince someone who has lost hope that he/she too, can be successful, you have to have something to offer him/her, like a guiding light.

—BCAA believes we can be that guiding light with a little help.

BCAA wants to identify, collect and distribute monies that can be used to provide players a scholarship, to help them get into a college and out of the ‘hood’ life.

A young person may not see the importance of the education; however, he/she will be enticed by the opportunity to play again, where it counts.

Truthfully, many may still not make it to the big college or the professional leagues, but if they are encouraged to stay in school, then other opportunities will open up for them.

By getting the young men and women into school and motivated to work hard at their sport, we will also be teaching them about the different ways to make money from their sport other than as players in the big leagues.  For example, the basketball players that are all focused on the NBA don’t realize there is a large amount of money offered overseas that they may be able to earn.  There are also many positions on and around teams that one can get connected with and learn the business.