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Modeling, acting, production, performing, writing, and fashion are all avenues of entertainment youth want an opportunity to explore with their talents.

Most do not have any idea how to cultivate their talent or to bring it forth for recognition.

Many who have tried have been met with disappointment and defeat.

They have lost their talent spirit and have gone to the streets, not really looking for anything.

They have no hope.

BCAA wants to redirect these youth, and give them opportunities for success.  There aren’t any promises that can be made, But, there is belief, determination and commitment of real assistance, assessment and support.


We have opportunities for all.  Many of the people out there on the street are not sports enthusiasts or interested in the entertainment field, however, they too, can be successful. For all of those who do not have sports aptitude but are book and street smart, we intend to assist them with school and/or hire them in certain positions to help run our business, which will afford them an opportunity to get some experience which would help them eventually get other jobs.

Though they may have done well in high school, they will still be required to participate in higher education. We will also work with those who are trying to start their own business by assisting them with basic business knowledge and referring them to specific individuals, companies and programs that can further help them.