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Hello My name is Robert Webb,

I am a 23-year-old student athlete from Los Angeles, California. I graduated from Montclair Prep High School and attended a top juco in Iowa and plan on transferring out to a D1 with 1 years of eligibility left to accomplish my original goal. Growing up in California I did a lot of observing and studying, and realized how many young men and women were choosing the wrong routes in life and giving up early, long before they had given themselves the opportunity to become successful. I decided I wanted to do something about this problem and I started an organization focused on redirecting youth and young adults back to education, as a springboard to their desired future. I am the founder and president of BCAA (brothers capable of accomplishing anything); a foundation that is centered on challenging and motivating young adults back into school to further their education, knowledge and wealth.


Hello, My name is Marlon Yates

My Name Is Marlon Yates born and raised in Los Angeles,Ca. I was raised into a hard working and prosperous family, our goals and dreams were something we took steps towards each and everyday. Life is about choices and Progress and Following your heart and deepest desire was something my father and mother stressed on a regular. To be Successful and Happy you must understand yourself and what drives you, it’s a state of prosperity. And as mentor or role model in all people. One thing I stand by is Patience. Patience will you get to where your destined to be, and where you ought to be, and take your time, relax , it’s all timing. A Great And Positive Mentality are one of the beat Traits that one can have. We are all Destined For Greatness. for young men and women I understand the value of what it takes to be all that one can be and my goal is to instill positivity and positive direction.

Hello, My name is Robert L. Yates

I am a graduate of the University of Washington June 2008. I attended the University on a full athletic scholarship, playing football. I was recruited as a defensive player and converted to offense. I was a successful tight end that started 3 years for the huskies. Academically, I received a bachelors in Spanish and completed prerequisites to attend medical school. In addition, the winter of 2005 I join the fraternity of Phi Beta Sigma Inc. I joined the fraternity to become more involved in the community. Currently, I am in the middle of the application process for medial schools. My future goals are to become a successful medical doctor, husband and father. However, the most important goal is to influence the lives of unfortunate young men and women. I was raised in south central Los Angeles, thus I understand the struggle to see hope. Hopefully my life can exemplify the notion of creating your own path in life.

“Passion plus Hard-Work equals Success”

Hello my name is Daniel Rogers.

I was born in Compton/Los Angeles Calif. I am 22 years old. Attending Moorpark College to pursue my favorite sport Basketball. I graduated from Montclair Prep in 2006. After high school, I attended Santa Monica College, took off my 2nd year to work, and provide for not only me but my mother too. I’ve been through a rough life, but still have a compassion to help young kids grow up to have a better life then I went through, I didn’t take that much advantage of school, so I really push for kids to do good in school and be apart of a wonderful program. I am head of street team marketing. Getting the youth to first learn and be apart of something great. I assemble a street team together to go and promote and help get BCAA on the map to our community and youth. I encourage every one join BCAA. We are giving back and helping our young athletes be the best they can be.n life.

“We all have a dream of being something great and special. Start right with BCAA.”

Hello my name is David Mitchell

David Mitchell, a Los Angeles native, was raised in the Inglewood and Hawthorne area. Overcoming the inner city youth adversities, David managed to stay focused through basketball and business. INROADS, an organization that helps minorities obtain internships through the business world, was key factor in his time spent at USC. Through INROADS, he was able to land a position with KPMG, a top accounting firm, as his first job ever, straight out of high school. From there experience in the corporate world continued to grow. Whether it was a small private company or a large public firm, the job was done well and appreciated by upper level management.
The training learned in the organization and the internship gave David the guidance and the mindset that any and all things are possible with hard work and dedication. Attending USC opened up many opportunities inside and outside of the classroom. During his last year in school, along with a colleague, David founded SClusive Entertainment. Together, David and Eric started a premiere marketing and promotions company. Unparallel to the norm, SClusive Entertainment’s events include more than just parties. Over the years the company has produced successful comedy shows, professional networking mixers, musical showcases, food tastings and a weekly Sunday Brunch. The Los Angeles based company has even done events outside of the state. Over the years David has exposed unheard of talent, venues and athletes to the point where they are a known figure. It’s not surprising that anything he produces is a success.