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BCAA’s goals are to implement its various programs that are outlined below in order to address the waste of talent that exists in the inner city, and to position more young men and women to make good decisions for them and enjoy a good future.

BCAA plans to implement its programs to their fullest potential while assisting young men and women to obtain theirs within 5 (five) years, and continue operating, with expansion into other areas, in the following five years.  In the first year BCAA will focus on outreach to the target population and developing the education program along with the various other programs such as the sports and entertainment venues. Connecting young men and women with colleges to further their education will begin with the first student-athlete that signs up to play. Years two and three will show expansion of the venues, continued outreach, a broader base national network and expansion of our college outreach program to more cities and more coaches, along with the implementation of the more venues and expansion of the advertising program.  Years 4 and 5 will continue the effort in years 2 and 3 resulting in a full blown program.