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About The Founder

Robert Webb

My name is Robert Webb. I am a 23-year-old student athlete from Los Angeles, California. Growing up in California I did a lot of observing and studying, and realized how many young men and women were choosing the wrong routes in life and giving up early, long before they had given themselves the opportunity to become successful.  I decided I wanted to do something about this problem and I started an organization focused on redirecting youth and young adults back to education, as a springboard to their desired future.

I am the founder and president of BCAA (brothers capable of accomplishing anything); a foundation that is centered on challenging and motivating young adults back into school to further their education, knowledge and wealth. Basically, our program’s primary ‘carrot’ which interests our target population, is that it offers incentives for the participants if they are successful in their educational efforts.  For example, if a participant demonstrates commitment to his class work by going to class and achieving passing grades, there are rewards the program offers them related to their particular personal interest in music, entertainment, or sports. BCAA’s members are persons directly involved in the music, entertainment and sports arenas and who have contacts with persons in these areas who can help open doors for others.

I consider myself to be an entrepreneur with talent in different areas. I’m someone who believes that if it’s in your heart to try more than one thing then go for it! I feel like my business/movement is so different from others because not only am I as young as the generation it’s directed at, but I also relate to the point where I’m still working towards success of my own goals alongside anyone who “joins” the movement. I’m not just someone who thinks this is something good for others because it’s the right thing to do, with no legwork. I’m asking my generation to help make history and motivate each other towards some type of success. Even though I am all about the positive things in the world, I still live life to the fullest and have fun. To me it’s all about the energy you put out into the world, which will return success to you.