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The primary focus of this program is to redirect some of the negative energy and hopelessness out there to positive, reassuring beliefs in a successful future.  We do not profess to stop gang banging, or clean up the streets of violence because we’re not equipped to do that.  We are however, prepared and willing to address the potential out there and try to develop it into something strong and positive for the individual and the community, which we feel will overtime slow down the gang activity and violence.  We strongly believe that an opportunity to work with people at the top of their fields will create and instill a belief in our program participants that accomplishing their mission; whether it is playing professional sports, making music, starring in movies and other entertainment or finishing school and taking on a profession, is possible. Through each of the interests, *Sports we will be helping you find a good school to attend and play for all across the country so you can relocate, and be focused on making it to the next level in your sport *Music we will help you further your career by providing studio time in professional studios which time will be earned through class work and for *Entertainment what ever your interests falls under whether its fashion or film we will help to further your success in that and more!

Another focal point of this program is to take away any excuse an individual would have to procrastinate away from doing the right thing. This program is more than just a “program”, or a business, it is a family and more importantly a movement, so once a certain individual wants to “be down with us” he will be a part of a family full of brothers and sisters that motivate each other and keep each other going.  We may start out as mentors, but we become a supporting family.

In order to carry out our program successfully, we find that it is important to relocate students to new areas; to remove them from their current environment, which is a definite distraction and obstacle to their success.  Therefore, we are seeking the cooperation of junior colleges to assist in working with these students once we select and orientate them in furthering their education.  It is known that all the potential participants will require financial aid (and are eligible for it) and guidance once they arrive at their new locations.

We believe strongly that this program will be successful if we can get the necessary funding to make a big enough impact and get some of our target population motivated to change their lives, and thereby change the world.